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Products & Services

BDIB Products

Hardware & Software

  • ‌Edge device to handle data processing locally

  • Cell tower in a box providing network connectivity

  • BDIB Assistant includes mobile applications for data capture, curation and storage

  • BDIB Data Analyst analyzes data and recommends solutions for farming
    BDIB Smart Contract facilitates food farm to store supply chain transparency

BDIB Process Flowchart


BDiB assists farmers in the first four stages of USDA's Five Steps to Organic Certification process to get certified. We help:

Develop Organic System Plan

  • Provide access to organic standards on what is and is not allowed for every aspect of farming, including storage, transport, and sale. 

  • Produce written annual production plan detailing information from seed to sale: seed sources, field and crop locations, fertilization and pest control activities, harvest methods, storage locations, etc.

Review, Implement Plan

  • Ensure that farm facilities and production methods comply with standards, which may involve modifying facilities, sourcing and changing suppliers, etc. 

  • Capture existing paper documents, detailing farm history and current setup, and usually includes results of soil and water tests, purchase invoices, etc. 

  • Maintain day-to-day farming and marketing records covering all activities. Information is stored and available to farmers, inspectors and certifying agents on BDiB products and systems.

Inspect Farm/Site

  • Provide advance information electronically on selected farm data and evidence. BDiB also facilitates annual on-farm inspections as required, with a physical tour, examination of records, and an oral interview.

Review Inspection Report

  • Provide certifying agents access to the selected Organic Prospect Farm Inspection Report and accompanying evidentiary documents to simplify the certification process.

BDiB Portfolio

Basic - Level 0

Clients receive no hardware from BDiB. Clients use their own hardware, e.g, tablet, mobile phone. BDiB will provide data curation software to clients. Clients can use the software to capture data using the BDiB Assistant, which will include voice input and document scanning capabilities. Data is processed and stored on client device of choice.

Premium - Level 1

Clients may either purchase or lease hardware devices from BDiB. Our device is an edge computer (tablet) that will perform data curation as well as basic data analytics functions. Software is available to clients on a subscription basis. Software bundle includes, BDiB Assistant and
BDiB Analyst.

Premium - Level 2

In addition to Level 1 hardware and software, clients may purchase or lease Network Tower in a Box device to enable farm or premise-wide network access to external resources. Advanced analytics software is available for additional subscription.

Premium - Level 3

Clients availing Level 3 option have access to blockchain based smart contracting services to enable farm to store transparency. In addition, clients may choose to add multi-unit edge stack for high end processing. Software additions include AI, ML and prescriptive modeling services.

BDiB portfolio of products and services. Details listed below the image.
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