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Innovators. Dreamers. Co-Creators.

Sree Nilakanta

Sree Nilakanta, CEO & President, Founding Member

30 years of experience in data management and analytics. Researcher and consultant in data analytics, knowledge management, and business process. Founder of four startups.

Srini Reddy

Srini Reddy, CSO, Founding Member

20+ years experience in Agricultural Biotechnology. Supports and advances the science-based regulatory process, market coexistence, consumer acceptance and use of novel farmer friendly agricultural technologies.

Hari Sarma

Hari Sarma, COO, Founding Member

30 years of experience in information technology, project management & entrepreneurship.
Strategic business development professional who leverages technology  as the differentiator for innovation and growth.

Indira Reddy

Indira Reddy, CIO 

20+ years of experience in information technology and project management. Software professional experienced in software development, data management and analysis. Helping teams get efficient with automation.

Paul Beamer

Paul Beamer, Consultant

Experienced agroecological scientist skilled in agriculture data management and analysis, field equipment operations, and crop production. Interested in process improvement, data capture & utilization, and sustainable agriculture..

Aridania Gerardo

Aridania Gerardo, Intern

Ph.D. student in Biological Anthropology at the University of Arkansas. Also interested in data analytics and data visualization.  At BDiB,  Ari is able to apply her interest and knowledge in Anthropology and Statistics to help organic farmers adopt leading edge technology..

Neha Madalli

Neha Madalli, Intern

Undergraduate at Iowa State University in Computer Engineering. Interested in software development, IT functional area, and data sciences. Developing hands-on experience through technology-oriented programs. Experience in teaching and mentoring students in STEM. 

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